Our company was founded by Bob Wintz in 1972 with baked foods as the initial focus. In 1978, Bob and his team began working with a key customer to pioneer the concept of natural foods department. This innovation in supermarket merchandising planted the roots of the Wellness & Lifestyles (W&L) Group and REWCO (Robert E. Wintz Company) began to design and install natural foods departments throughout the Eastern U.S..

It became evident that a significant key to sales productivity and growth is the knowledge level of the store level associates. The more they knew about the product and the customers they were serving, the greater the sales growth. A knowledgeable store level associate is comfortable engaging with the consumer. They become a trusted resource to those new to natural foods and a fellow advocate to the committed natural consumer. The result is more confident and committed associates, greater customer loyalty and increased productivity and sales. As such, our team evolved to focus primarily on education with a curriculum and passion that helps our customers’ store people become fluent in the “Language of the Natural Consumer”.  


During 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic changed our world in so many profound ways. Our traditional methods to communicate and learn were disrupted and challenged. With disruption comes growth and LearnNatural was created to become the next generation of education in the industry. Embracing the high adoption of technology by our customers, our solution extends and expands the opportunity to reach more communities in the industry that we serve.